At age 11 I remember painting the view of the mountains with my 25 cent package of watercolors and never giving painting much thought until I was 21 and married to renowned Steel Guitar Player Red Rhodes. I was surrounded by extremely creative, talented and gifted musicians and artists. Made me question what were my talents aside from making babies? My mom had been a singer and could draw, my sister could sing.So I bought an $8.00 set of Oils and a “learn to paint” book.  Since I couldn’t draw (or to lazy to take the time to learn) I first started painting with a palette knife doing Landscapes and Seascapes. I’d read how 100 students with no art experience were hypnotized and told that they painted like the masters and how well they painted.Being Hypnotherapies my self, I hypnotized my self giving a similar suggestion and my painting style changed over night. I now painted more realistic and with brushes. I took a few lessons from an Artist that painted photo realism but noticed there was no soul in his paintings and I wanted to put life in mine, so I am basically self taught and only have interest in Landscapes and Seascapes, having given most of my life to counseling people and their relationships, and I published a book on relationships to close that chapter of my life.. My Passions are nature, the outdoors and the love of animals.  I have years of experience teaching abused animals to trust again. I had worked in a Studio (SatMakers) for a time, doing murals for McDonalds that went all over the world.

I lived in Ireland for a while and did a lot of painting, as my 2nd husband Larry was building an Aerospace company from scratch………I taught a young girl Elaine to paint (and now she is part of our family) One of my earlier works was a 3’ by 4’ cloud painting and I had many offers, from my friend Jeff Baxter (Doobie Brothers) and Larry Collins (Collins Kids) but that Painting was never for sale.

After returning home from Ireland, my husband Larry and I bought a small ranch in Norco, California where we raised Miniature Horses.  I took a break from painting, as running a ranch and all those animals took most of my time.

In 2003 life events forced me to reevaluate my life and having done so, I packed up 8 horses and 4 dogs and moved (without knowing a single soul) to a ranch I built in New Mexico, this time with an Art Studio and I’ve been painting ever since.  I still prefer Oils but have been exploring Acrylics .I do not know how I paint or where it comes from, as I am an altered state and just let my soul take over.  I know that I am driven to Paint and don’t feel alive unless I am being creative.

New Mexico, Paintings, Original Art by Dana Rhodes. Artist, Dana Rhodes, New Mexico, Paintings, Original, Art, By, Dana Rhodes,

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Dana Rhodes


Paintings by Dana, capturing the beauty of New Mexico are currently being featured on this page. These paintings are available for purchase and are a combination mix media such as acrylics, oils, pencils, watercolor, etc Click on any image for a closer view CONTACT US TO PLACE AN ORDER OR FOR MORE INFORMATION

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Dana Rhodes


Dana Rhodes

Dana Rhodes


Dana Rhodes